Get tough with it

In this world, everything can be happy. We might as well make some Almighty mountains today as well, what the heck. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your masterpieces.

That’s what makes life fun. That you can make these decisions. That you can create the world that you want. That’s what painting is all about. It should make you feel good when you paint. How to paint. That’s easy. What to paint. That’s much harder. Let all these little things happen. Don’t fight them. Learn to use them. There is immense joy in just watching – watching all the little creatures in nature. I was blessed with a very steady hand; and it comes in very handy when you’re doing these little delicate things.

If these lines aren’t straight, your water’s going to run right out of your painting and get your floor wet. Just make a decision and let it go. You can do it.

Get tough with it, get strong. And I know you’re saying, ‘Oh Bob, you’ve done it this time.’ And you may be right. I want everbody to be happy. That’s what it’s all about. You gotta think like a tree. Let’s build an almighty mountain. There is no right or wrong – as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Just take out whatever you don’t want. It’ll change your entire perspective. We start with a vision in our heart, and we put it on canvas. Only God can make a tree – but you can paint one. From all of us here, I want to wish you happy painting and God bless, my friends. In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees.

Isn’t that fantastic? Now then, let’s play. Trees live in your fan brush, but you have to scare them out. This is gonna be a happy little seascape. Little trees and bushes grow however makes them happy.

These little son of a guns hide in your brush and you just have to push them out. Each highlight must have it’s own private shadow. Now let’s put some happy little clouds in here. This is probably the greatest thing to happen in my life – to be able to share this with you. Isn’t that fantastic that you can create an almighty tree that fast? We don’t make mistakes we just have happy little accidents.

The light is your friend. Preserve it. Nothing wrong with washing your brush. Just let these leaves jump off the brush